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There seem to be people queuing up to criticise the Costa del Sol either because there are too many foreigners, too many rich people, too much building work or too much corruption.

Now it’s true that there are some concrete jungles, some unbelievable wealth in places and there have been problems with illegal building, but at the end of the day this is a wonderfully diverse, fascinating place which offers something for everyone.

You can find expat enclaves if you’d like to operate in your own language but under the Spanish sun, you can find totally Spanish areas like Malaga and central Marbella and even large parts of Fuengirola where you’d struggle to find a fellow expat. There is the vibrant city of Malaga with culture and charm a plenty, some stunning white villages which feel like you’ve gone back in time and some truly stunning countryside just a few minutes drive away.  This of course is not to mention all the beaches, golf courses and amenities on your doorstep!

I am probably biased as I live here, but I think it’s easy to be snobby about the Costa del Sol without really scratching the surface of what the place is all about. It offers choice as to how you want to live your life and flexibility to speak your own language and eat your home country’s food when you want to.

Here are a few other great reasons to live on the Costa del Sol:

  • A micro-climate which means mild winters and comfortable summers without the extremes of cities such as Madrid.
  • Beautiful beaches and modern facilities on the shores of the Mediterranean sea within easy reach of UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe.
  • A wide variety of towns and villages, each with different personalities, and something to suit everyone.
  • An established and accessible foreign population with many clubs, societies and groups for foreign residents which operate all year round.
  • Services and amenities which cater for foreign residents – English is spoken in most areas, supermarkets stock international brands and there are specialist banks, medical services, estate agents and companies which operate in English. This means you can start to live and enjoy the lifestyle before learning the language.
  • Opportunities to work within the foreign community or set-up your business in Spain or Gibraltar.

If you’d like us to help you find your little slice of sunshine on the Costa del Sol we have a range of long-term rental properties which you can search on our website www.homerentalontheweb.com we also have some Costa del Sol Area Guides to help you get to know the different areas on offer.

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