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Last month, we wrote about all the great options for travelling to and from the Costa del Sol and how easy it is to get to Europe and further afield. So, the million dollar question is whether you will be staying here in this holiday paradise, or travelling to escape the crowds. Have you decided yet?

As you know, the tourists flood in from June and stay throughout the summer, with tourist numbers peaking in August. Predictions are that tourism is going to be very strong again this year, with ABTA putting Andalucia on their list of 12 destinations to watch for 2017 and Easter already breaking records for numbers of arrivals. The head of Costa del Sol tourism predicted a 2.6% increase in visitors to the Malaga province in 2017, which would bring the tourist count to 30 million for Andalucia.

This is of course amazing news for businesses related to tourism, so if you’re thinking of offering tours, diving, car hire, swimming lessons or opening a new bar and restaurant this is the time to make hay while the sun shines. Many hotels are predicted to be at full capacity during the peak summer season and restaurants and bars will also be fit to burst, so it’s a great time to be in hospitality and take advantage the main business in your new home.

However, what about those of you with B2B businesses, or jobs which are focused on year round residents? Although the vast majority of us have relocated to the Costa del Sol because we love the sunshine, the beaches and the holiday vibe, we get used to not having to share it with too many people and can get a little grumpy when the hoards invade and the temperatures rise.

The main problems you face in the summer is traffic, trouble parking and it being crowded on the beach or around the pool. Although these are not huge issues, when you are working and trying to handle the long summer holidays with no school it can start to get you down, so bear it in mind and plan for it.

Check out our guide to surviving the summer for tips on how to overcome these issues if you are staying, or start searching for flights to cooler climes. Have a great summer, wherever you spend it!

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