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If you are living in Spain please make sure that you and your kids know the number to call in the case of an emergency – 112. This a Europe wide emergency number and can be called from any country to get help from the police, ambulance or fire service. There are also specific numbers and helplines dedicated to certain problems which are listed on the Emergency Services Costa del Sol page on AngloInfo. There are also a list of Spanish words to help you communicate if you are in this position on this page.

If you want to be able to communicate in English if there’s a problem you are not alone, it’s difficult enough to explain a health complaint in your own language! Many expats on the Costa del Sol use a private emergency service such as Helicopteros Sanitarios. They have a fleet of ambulances to take you to hospital if needed but also offer a home doctor service and helpline with bilingual medical staff which can really put your mind at rest. This can be a cheaper alternative to going private as you know there’s always someone who speaks English available to help.

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